Raised by two dirty hippies in the great city of Austin, Texas, my life has never been what one may consider “average”. Despite all odds, I know who I am and I know what I like. I am a simple girl, I enjoy the usual things: charcuterie boards, running, Hendrick’s martinis, Pink Floyd, my dogs (Fenway & Noodle), olives, prosecco, my vinyl collection, history, the ocean, diet coke.. (need I even go on?) Surviving your late-20s is all about giving the illusion you have it all “figured out”. Let me tell you one more thing I know about myself, I don’t.

When I am not stumbling my way through post-grad adulthood as a law student, I am baking. Though never professionally trained, I was blessed with two great mentors in my parents: Jacko, a master of the grill and all things savory, and Veek, the queen of confections. I started at the ripe age of six when Veek and Jacko decided I had shown enough functioning-human qualities to be able to handle myself in the kitchen. Through much trial and error, I have spent the last 21 years learning new techniques, flavors, and eating a lot.

In addition to sharing some Aly Newton Original Recipes™, I will also be using this space to pay homage to some of the greatest dining experiences I have had.

Should you choose to seek out more information about who I am and where I come from, or should you be delusional enough to think you’d like to hear the inner workings of my mind day to day, I encourage you to find me on Twitter or Instagram @alyjnewt.

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